Five-Minute Friday: Dream

Have you ever heard of Five-Minute Friday? #fmfparty? I stumbled upon a fun group of ladies tonight in my Twitter feed. It was impossible not to notice them all. To be honest, I thought #fmfparty might actually mean “Fill My Feed.” They set me straight.

So, right out of the gate, I start with my first writing prompt. My timer is set. Five minutes, and here we go!


It all started in an old house in the living room. A group of ladies all met with one purpose in mind: to dream. The group was fantastically creative. They made the most interesting bunch. Some were bloggers, book authors, poets, song writers—even non-writers. If I could count the number of times someone said, “I don’t consider myself a writer…”

But, I am a writer. Yes, I edit more often than I have the pleasure of writing sometimes. Truly, I’m a writer at heart. One day someone posed the simple question to me: Do you like to edit more than write? She knew I had a habit of filling my time with things that help me avoid the thing I want most: to write.

My excuse was simply that I had absolutely no time. I had no energy. The real truth was that I was more afraid of my story than anything. If I wrote that….

In a quiet, thin space something happened that changed everything. An idea, a little seed started to germinate. I started to consider the bigger “what if…”

I started to dream!


Have you ever tried a five-minute prompt like this one? If you want to give it a try or read the other writers’ pieces, head over to Kate’s place!

Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Dream

  1. Jennifer, I loved your post. And you made me grin with your initial rendering of FMF. 🙂 I’m walking just a little bit afraid of my story too. Step by step, God is guiding me through that place and into a place of quiet confidence. the confidence of knowing He gave me this story to write, and I want to be obedient! I hope I get to hold your book in my hands one day!

    Stopping by from FMF.


    1. It’s encouraging to hear that others pause when thinking about their story. The first lie that tries to dominate my mind is Who would ever read this? Then I realized it’s not as much my story as it is the amazing journey in the bigger Story. Know what I mean? 😉

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  2. karrileea

    I am so thrilled that you asked on Twitter… and that you joined in! And this post? I love it! As Kate said – I kind of want to crash your party because that group sounds amazing! (And as Andrew said – capturing the birth of a dream… such a gift!) We are so happy that you jumped right in!

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