Announcement: A New Thing!

Hi there, if you found me in the last months or years, thank you for returning!

I’ve Announcement: New Thingsbeen MIA, but I used the time to organize things related to my online presence. That meant saying yes to the hard work of building an (slightly imperfect) editing business site and no to some of the things I love, like writing here. When I sifted through the writing on this site, I noticed I was flourishing in my writing—yay!—but it was impossible for a reader to find anything.

I quickly discovered more than one reader in this space. One reader enjoyed reading the thoughts I share on writing and editing. One reader wanted to know more about my experience and journey into health and healing from hard places through the relationship I have with my God, my own self, and with others.

Two words came to mind: simplicity and location, location, location.

Now you can easily find the content you’re looking for. (You’re welcome!)

  • For the writing-editing content, go to
    • Develop your writing heart and brain.
    • Visit the new home of the “Hey Writer” series.
    • Learn about the opportunity to partner on your project.
  • For my personal writing and content related to relationship, stay tuned!
    • I’m leaning into the healing journey from hard places.
    • Learn about your relationship to God, yourself, and others.
  • And I’m still writing monthly at on life, faith, and friendship. I’d love to meet you there, too!

There are exciting things on the horizon! You’ll see my popular “Hey Writer” series has vacated this place, but all is not lost. I’ll be introducing new, thought-provoking, heart-tending, life-transforming content. I hope you love it!

Glad you’re here! I hope this announcement helps you in your search for the content to support your next right step.


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