About jennifer…

I’ve had a passion for words and expressed my musings on paper (and screens) most of my life. Writing has been the perfect avenue to think deeply about the stuff of life. Rookie writers begin with ‘what they know.’ That’s how it all started.

I married a wonderful man, a virtual “utility player” on the church staff team at the time, and we began the family journey. There were a few career changes and two children in four years; our life together was a quick run down the road. The learning curves of marriage and parenting revealed just how much of life was actually a mystery. Humility grew in me with every age or stage I knew nothing about.

Married nearly two decades and a mom of two teen sons, I continue to explore new (and challenging) ages and stages of life. After over 23 years on the adventure with Jesus, new things in my life begged to be shared. Journaling was an opportunity for personal growth, but I felt there was more. I had to write. I had to share, even if no one ever read it. And so I wrote, but I did what I loved very differently.

I wrestle with deep truths and write with a little more humility these days at my blog, Fragrant Grace. On this page I share thoughts on writing (my exploration in to the craft and some ideas about the craft every so often). I’m also working on a longer term project—a larger work telling my story, called White Wave Crashing. I’m a contributing writer to an up and coming site, FACETS of Faith.

I’m pretty sure I don’t have all the answers in writing or life in general. I’m developing in my skill set, and I’ve grown in my perspective over 20 years. I’m only certain of the One who answers the challenging questions life demands we ask.



One thought on “About jennifer…

  1. T

    Excuse me ,can I ask you a question?

    2000 years ago, the father was NOT a man so the father was still all knowing 2000 years ago.
    Jesus was a man 2000 years ago so Jesus was NOT all knowing 2000 years ago.
    Jesus in his infancy was NOT all knowing 2000 years ago.
    The father was more knowledgeable than Jesus in his infancy 2000 years ago.
    How could the father and Jesus in his infancy be 1 God 2000 years ago even though the father was more knowledgeable than Jesus in his infancy 2000 years ago?

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