About Jennifer…

Bio Pic: jjhoweI’ve had a passion for words most of my life. Rookie writers begin with ‘what they know,’ and that’s how it all started for me way back when. Because I have both a love for learning and a heart to teach, writing has been a growth adventure and an opportunity to share.

Finally all the ideas and stories I’ve held close to my heart in the busyness of life beg to be shared. And so I write.

This blog is a mix of two things: ideas for the author diving into the craft out of my teacher-editor mind and the occasional personal share out of my writer heart.

My writing can be found around the interwebs. Fragrant Grace was a biblical truth space. My past “mommy writing therapy” is found at Spirited Sons. Currently, I’m a founding member and contributing writer to a lovely collab site, FACETS of Faith, where two of my favorite friends and I write with guests on a question for the month. I accept a few guest-writing invitations. And I’m working diligently on a large project—White Wave Crashing: a memoir to bring healing. Writing is life, and I love it!

I’ve been married over two decades, and now I’m a mom of two adult sons. The big 5-0 is right around the corner, I’ve got over 25 years on the adventure with Jesus, and I’m pretty sure I may not have all the answers in life or writing. (But I have resources for writing and the Word of God for life.) I’m developing my writing and editing skill sets, and I’m growing in my life perspective. I am certain of the One who answers the challenging questions life demands we ask.


By the way, if you’re looking for editing services, check out Prepared & Polished!


One thought on “About Jennifer…

  1. T

    Excuse me ,can I ask you a question?

    2000 years ago, the father was NOT a man so the father was still all knowing 2000 years ago.
    Jesus was a man 2000 years ago so Jesus was NOT all knowing 2000 years ago.
    Jesus in his infancy was NOT all knowing 2000 years ago.
    The father was more knowledgeable than Jesus in his infancy 2000 years ago.
    How could the father and Jesus in his infancy be 1 God 2000 years ago even though the father was more knowledgeable than Jesus in his infancy 2000 years ago?

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