Five Minute Friday: Alive

Life is a funny thing. When it begins, it feels like a dream. The days are rather nondescript. Oh, there are the big, memorable moments every so often, but the majority of my life story is pretty bland in the early years.

I ate, slept, played, and laughed, but it didn’t feel very much alive.

Then a funny thing happens. The teen years are quite the roller coaster! Drama, drama, and more drama. You’d think this is what it meant to be alive, but no.

I chose the perfect outfit, worked hard for “good hair,” and played competitive sports. That wasn’t being alive—that’s what it meant to be all about me.

Graduation. Work life. Crazy-busy adult life begins. That should be “really living,” right?

I made all my own choices—my job, my home, my husband, my child, and a dog. Did I ever learn what it meant to be alive?

No, when I learned what being really alive was, I was shocked.

coloredpencilsOne day I picked up colored pencils (when I had no skill or inclination). I ventured into the world of art when I’d always told myself and everyone else, “I don’t draw.” I borrowed someone’s paper, pencils, and brave. That’s when it started.

When I asked God if he would sit with me while I was drawing—then I knew what it meant to be ALIVE!


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